What is a Facial?

A facial is a skin treatment of the face designed to clean, tone and improve the skin's texture. A Facial cleans, exfoliates and nourishes the skin.

How often should I get a Facial?

It varies from person to person. Usually once a month is recommended because that's how long it takes the skin to regenerate. Try to get a facial at least 4 times a year as the season changes.

Why is extraction important?

Because it helps the removal of blackheads or/and whiteheads. Extraction can cause broken capillaries and discoloration if done improperly, these are the reasons why is important to have a professional facial.


Basic Facial $60
Advanced Facial With Collagen $75
Deep Pore Cleaning $80
Facial Oily Problem Skin $80
Acne Facial $85
Anti-aging With Retinol $85
Men's Facial $65
Teenager's Facial $55
Paraffin Facial $85

What is a Chemical Peel?

Chemicals peels are mild peels, very invigorative and very effective, they use lactic, citric, salicylic, kojic-acid. That help to repair and reduces breakouts, control oil, soften lines and smooth skin texture. PCA peel have no down time and are an excellent way to treat acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles and sun damage along with sensitive skin of rosacea and those being treated with chemotherapy. Your PCA certified aesthetician will select the perfect formulation, customizing your treatment to give your skin all it needs to produce a glowing, more radiant healthy skin with our Chemical Peels. We recommend a series of 3-6 treatments.

PCA Face and Body Peel

Feet $120
Back Full $150
Back Half $90
Decollete $100
Hands $80
Arm $150
Face $160

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